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One Sided

A Film By

Sudha Rachel

One Sided is a gripping drama that delves into the profound conflicts arising from a communication gap within a relationship. The entangled lives of Dawn and Sam, two vibrant individuals in their prime, depict a riveting tale of love and turmoil. Despite their profound affection for each other, their persistent communication gap serves as a catalyst for a cascade of misunderstandings, ultimately culminating in a dramatic and explosive outburst.

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Project Research

One Sided was an idea developed into a story that involved a lot of people’s hard work and dedication. One Sided being a drama was derived from real life experiences. The initial idea to the final product was a journey like no other.

The concept was first discussed between the Director(Sudha Rachel) and Writer(Mollie Atta) who exchanged ideas in order to form a solid 11 page script that turned out to have a run time of 12 minutes excluding credits. The underlying concept they had in mind was that “People or Relationships are never perfect and this reality should be show without sugar-coating it”. Movies like ‘Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind’, ‘La La Land’ and songs like ‘Cold mess’ are all inspirations for this heart-warming short drama.

  1. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004) serves as a profound inspiration for One Sided, influencing its characters, story structure, and intricate conflicts. The duo behind the project drew immense ideas from this film, envisioning a project that resonates deeply with audiences. This realistic and balanced portrayal, juxtaposing a soft, introverted man and a lively, exuberant woman, captures the essence of genuine human connection. While the non-chronological editing style posed challenges, the film's mood and tone align remarkably with their creative vision."

  2. "La La Land" (2016) stands as a true testament to the authenticity of relationships. This masterful work, featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, courageously unveils the raw truth of life, where happy endings aren't always guaranteed. We all yearn for what may be out of reach, and living with that truth forms an integral part of our journey. La La Land serves as an emotional rollercoaster that resonates with everyone, reflecting the realities we encounter at least once in our lives. While some fear disappointing audiences with non-happy endings, this film empowers us to embrace reality and shatter unrealistic expectations. It emboldened us to depict life as it truly is."

  3. "Cold Mess" (2018), a song by Indian artist Prateek Kuhad, encapsulates profound emotions within its short six-minute duration. The intensity of the song, both sonically and visually, mirrors the personal lives of the duo behind One Sided. Similar to the aforementioned films, the couple's story doesn't follow a conventional trajectory, yet it doesn't necessarily end in sadness. It portrays life as it is—people moving forward and evolving. This resonant song solidifies our confidence in depicting the realities of life, where not every story adheres to a traditional, sorrowful ending.

In summary, the research conducted for this movie has been meticulously focused on comprehending human behavior as a primary priority. While the referenced movies have significantly influenced the film's framework, the process of crafting a definitive narrative extends far beyond that.


Introducing a cultural difference as a key element provided a convenient means to address the issue of communication gap within the compact 10-12 minute video format. The extensive research conducted has proven invaluable in shaping the film holistically, lending depth and authenticity to its portrayal.

Meet The Team

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Director/Executive Producer: Sudha Rachel is an MA Film (Direction) student from the University of South Wales. She had worked previously on some features and short films here in Wales and in her home country, ‘India’. She is very passionate about the art of visual story telling and tries to bring her own angle to her work.

Image 5.png

DOP /Cinematographer: Gbenga Odusote is a  Seasoned Cinematographer,  with a background in painting. With few credits as a Cinematographer in: perspective, kosoro, little fox, royal castle, he has been working on a lot of projects to expand his boundaries as an artist. Gbenga is highly talented and gives out great ideas to improve the art of Film-making.

Image 8.png

Sound Designer/Recordist: Jay Bryan is an enthusiastic sound designer. He has done his graduation from USW as well and is brilliant with his work. His ideas are very creative and give an unseen perspective to the work of art.

Image 9.png

Art Designer: Nia Langley is the Art Designer for ‘One Sided’. She has enhanced the sets into being something one could never imagine. Her sense of Art and design are beautiful. She has a lot of experience designing sets for many films in Wales.

image 4.png

Editor/Producer: Affan Habib is also a student of the University of South Wales. He is pursuing his masters in MA Film (Editing). He has not only edited the film but also helped producing it. His time management and editing skills are immaculate. Affan has previously worked on some Pakistani independent films and some Welsh films as well.

Image 6.png

DOP/Cinematographer: Sava Stefanov is another cinematographer for ‘One Sided’. He is also a student of USW. He specializes in hand held shots and has many short films with his credits on them. He is highly creative and versatile.

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Sound Designer/Composer: Hassan Khan is a passionate music producer, pianist and seeker of quality music composer, and background scores. His creativity has added life to this movie. He has graduated from Berklee College of music, Achology, Iraq University, Pakistan.

Image 10.png

Assistant Director: Vinod Teli has been of great help on the set of ‘One Sided’. He was the assistant Director of this film. He has had good experience on many Advertisements and sitcoms back in ‘India’. He is currently a student of USW and is an aspiring Film Maker.


Image 11.png

Simona Angelova- She is the lead actress of ‘One Sided’ and plays the role of ‘Dawn’. She had come to give life to the role of ‘Dawn’, all the way from Bulgaria and is very versatile with her acting. Other than being an amazing actor, she also is a singer, model and a violinist.

Image 12.png

Ashik Lal or Dr. Ashik Lal as he is known, is a well known theatre artist back in his home country, ‘India’. Other than being a brilliant actor and an awesome person, Ashik is also an ayurvedic doctor. He’s added his magical touch to the character of ‘Sam’, our lead actor.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Where was ‘One Sided’ shot?

A. ‘One Sided’ was shot on in our very own ‘Cardiff’.


Q. What is ‘One Sided’ inspired from?

A. ‘One Sided’ is inspired from true events. Movies like ‘La La Land’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind’ also played a great part in influencing the filmmakers to make this film.


Q. What is the genre of One Sided?

A. ‘One Sided’ is a drama that addresses mis-understandings in relationships.

Behind the Scenes

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Final Results

After a lot of hard work and dedication, the final result was priceless and product of pure love and joy to us. The journey had been very challenging but our perseverance has helped us make it to the end.

Before you watch the Film, I would also like to mention a few names that helped make this project a success and we couldn't have done it without them - Nayanaa Prashaar, Barry Pattison, Rahima Sujeevan, Shafeeq Vellani and Dzhoana Kancgeva.

Thank you from the entire Team!

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